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Robot Sex Machine

A truly hands free male
masturbation machine.

A robotic device that can
simulate an amazing
endless blowjob.


Unique Action

No other machine available in the world can move a sex toy around a penis like the Robot Sex Machine can.



Only the best parts are used to build these robots. They are overbuilt and will last a long time. All parts can be repaired or replaced.



You create your own custom stroking patterns and movements that suit how you like to be pleasured.



The included heavy duty arms and locking suction cup mount will position the robot for most situations.


No Coding

Easy to use and set up, no complicated software or scripting needed or required.


Small and Quiet

The robot and stand can be folded up and stored in a lunchbox size case or box.

Actual Customer Feedback

It’s ridiculously amazing. I’m so pleased, I can’t see straight.

Thanks for sharing your ideas with the world, I think you have set the standards for male masturbation robots!

It may have been the most intense experience I’ve ever had at that point. I struggle finding words to express the outcome. Thank you so much!

Version 1

$ 399 USD
  • Requires a Windows PC to operate.
  • USB connection and software to create stroking patterns.
  • AC powered
    (USA style plug).
  • Everything included:
    Robot, stand & mount, Fleshlight Quickshot, power adapter, USB cable, software, instructions. 

Version 2

$ 499 USD
  • No computer required.
  • Can NOT be plugged into a PC.
  • Attached control box operates the robot and records stroking patterns to micro SD card.
  • AC powered
    (USA style plug).
  • Everything included:
    Robot, stand & mount, Fleshlight Quickshot, power adapter, control box, instructions. 

Shipping to USA & Canada

$50 USD
with Canada Post Xpress Post
(4-5 Days)

Shipping to Europe

$110 USD
with Canada Post Xpress Post
International  (5-7 days)

How To Order

  1. EMAIL - Please include your shipping location
    (postal code or zip code, and country) so I can ensure shipping cost is correct.

  2. INVOICE - I will email you a PayPal invoice for the robot plus the shipping costs.

  3. BUILD & SHIP - Once payment is made, I will build and ship your robot.
    Once shipped I will provide you with tracking details.


Q. Why did you invent a Robot Sex Machine?
A. Like many inventions origin, I wanted something, imagined it, searched for it, could not find it, so I made it. As they say necessity is the mother of invention, in this case it was desire rather than necessity.

Q. How would you describe your Robot Sex Machine?
A. The simplest way to describe it would be to say it is a truly hands free, fully adjustable robotic sex toy controller.

Q. This machine looks like nothing I have ever seen before, why?
A. To get the motion I wanted, the mechanical arms have to be exposed on the outside, plus the stand is an important part of my design, so yes, it is not much to look at, but that’s not the point of it. Most toys made for a penis try to build it all in one, with everything inside a case of some kind. To get the movement actions I wanted, I had to try a different approach, so that's why my machine looks like nothing you have seen before. The number one priority of my machine is how it feels on your penis. Everything else comes second, and to achieve this I designed it like it is.

Q. Your Robot Sex Machine looks homemade?
A. That’s because it is. I build them to order. It’s not what it looks like, like I said, it is designed and built to do one thing, and it does that extremely well .

Q. Why did you decide to sell them?
A. Every time I use it, I still can’t believe how well it works, and I think back to the days when I only dreamed about a machine that can do what mine does. I remember how I felt after reading some description of a wonderful new powered stroker, buying it, and then feeling disappointed as it did not deliver what it said it would. I wasted alot of cash on crap sextoys, so I have been there, where many people are today, that's why I want to share my machine, give people the opportunity to buy something really good, and new. Something they have never seen before, something that actually works. Something that can be used in many positions and situations. Many sextoys do not show a demonstration, as it would fall far short of the description used to sell it. I figured I would just show it in action, and let it sell itself.

Q. Who would use a Robot Sex Machine?
A. Someone who watches porn while jerking off basically. Haha, I know that's a lot of people. So seriously, someone who enjoys masturbation a lot, I mean a lot. Someone who likes to spend an hour or two, or afternoon of self loving. Someone who wants to experience a truly hands free masturbation session. Ideally it’s for a person who already uses a sex toy, and wants more, someone who wants to take it to the next level.

Q. Who should not buy a Robot Sex Machine?
A. Well if you have never been in a sex shop, or browsed a sex toy website, or never bought a sex toy before, do not start with this machine. Not everyone likes sex toys and masturbation to the level I do. I feel I have perfected hands free mastubation with this machine, so if you only enjoy self love once in a while, and are fine with your hand, and have never used a fleshlight or similar adult toy, my robot is too much for you.

Q. Will it work with any size penis?
A. Yes and no, the quickshot I include in this kit is designed for a standard size penis, so if you think the Quickshot by Fleshlight is too small (narrow), you may have to be creative and use a different toy in its place, however penis length should not matter, as the robot is so adjustable, you can make it work, it may not stroke the whole length if your 10 inches long, but it was not designed for just length strokes, it works best on the top half of a penis, where it focuses on the head and top part of a penis. Again, watch the demo video to see what I mean, and you will see where this machine really shines.

Q. What else do I need to use the machine?
A. For a V1 robot, you need a Windows computer, V2 does not need a computer, you will also need some lube, that's it.

Q. Do I have to have a windows computer for a version 1 robot?
A. Yes, version 1 of this sex machine plugs into the USB port and is controlled by a program on your windows computer. It is designed to be connected to a PC so you can change the speed and movement patterns to be exactly what you want.

For version 2 there are dials you turn to move the servos, and you can record up to 30 mins of stroking moves to each of 4 buttons (pre-sets) and these are saved on a memory card.

Q. What is a version 2 robot?
A. Version 2 is the same robot design as version 1 but uses a different control method. It has an attached control box that offers the ability to move the robot the same as the computer controlled one (V1) can, so you just plug in the robot to the power outlet, and press a button and it will start moving. You still create custom patterns and save them, but you record the movements right in the control box as you turn the dials to move the motors.

Q. Is it wireless or bluetooth?
A. No. I did not want to make it more complicated than it needs to be. My robot sex machine does one thing, and does it extremely well, moves a sex toy around in a very realistic, pleasurable way.

Q. What are the advantages of your Robot Sex Machine?
A. There are many:

- watch the video and see how it moves, now show me anything else that can do that!

- it`s compact (fits in a lunchbox)

- it's quiet

- very durable (stand and motors)

- can be used in many positions (laying down, sitting, standing)

- programmable (user has precise control of stroke length, speed, gyration and twisting motion)

- user can create patterns and save them

- the stand is 360 degree adjustable and can accomodate most situations

- can be mounted to a chair, desk, rail, pipe or tube, table, floor (some additional clamps may be needed - sold separately - not included)

- can move as slow as you want, or as fast as it can go

- toys are rubber mounted to provide natural motion without robotic jerking and the flexibility built in allows it to twist and follow the stroking path better (safer too - it won’t break your penis you can hold onto the toy and the arms just stretch the mounts) 

- repairable - if a motor burns out after 100 hours (for example), it can be replaced

- best of all, it simulates a natural motion because it can twist and tilt while it goes up and down, and move in a gyration and swiveling motion - see video for example, it’s hard to describe.

Q. Are there any disadvantages with your robot?
A. Yes, there are a few minor ones which are quickly forgotten when you start using it. It is not convenient (not for rubbing out a quick one as they say). You need to plug it into an AC outlet and plug the USB cable into a windows computer (version 2 needs no computer, just plug into a power outlet (US style plug) and press one of the 4 pre-set program buttons). It takes a few mins to set up and put away. It is a little expensive, but like most things, you get what you pay for.

Q. How fast does it go?
A. Not sure what the max strokes per minute are, it can go at a fairly decent speed. Remember, this machine is not about speed, it can not go as fast as some fucking machines out there, it was not designed to. What it does do is move in a realistic way, it can pause, stop, slow down, speed up, gyrate, swivel, pump and circle a penis, all at the users control. The robot sex machine is more of a penis pleasuring device, not only a stroker, its meant for edging and/or simulating the feeling of oral sex, and basically replacing your hand. It’s perfect for a nice, long masturbation session, where you want to draw it out, watch a full adult scene or movie while your being pleasured, not a quick wank, it can do that, but you get the most out of it with slower to medium speeds with it gyrating and swirling around your penis at a natural speed, like when getting oral sex performed on you, it’s not about speed.

Q. Is it easy to use?
A. Yes, the software is very easy to use (No software with version 2). The actual robot is also easy to use and set up. The key to this device is the positioning that the stand/mount offers. Since the robotic part of the machine has a limited range of movement, it needs to be placed in the right spot so it can use its full range of motion on your penis. With the included stand/mount, you can adjust it to any position and angle to get it in the perfect spot in relation to your penis, and by tilting it a tiny bit, it applies pressure and motion to different parts of your penis, the smallest adjustment can really change the sensation alot. I include some tips to get the most out of your new robot sex machine, in fact the more you use it (practice makes perfect), the better it will become as you find out what positions and strokes you like the best.

Q. Does anyone else sell these?
A. No, I have never seen anything like my invention, it is so unique that it is now patent pending - is the only place to get one.

Q. How long does it take to get one?
A. It will take a couple of weeks after you order to get it, as I am building these to order, I do not have a factory or anything like that. I will try to have full open communication with my customers the best I can, as I really care about my invention, and want everyone who orders one to have a positive experience and really love their robot sex machine.

Q. What about terms and conditions?
A. The terms and conditions are like all products of this nature, this is sold as A NOVELTY TOY ONLY, use at your own risk. I am not responsible for anything. That being said, I will stand by my robot, if there is a problem, I will try to fix it, through email, or even send me back the robot unit (not the fleshlight or stand) and I will repair it (may be cost involved with repair). My own machine has over 100 hours on it with all the original parts, so I do not expect anyone to have a problem, I test each robots function (on a bench, testing the robotics) before shipping.

Q. So what do I get when I buy this Robot Sex Machine?
A. Everything you need is in the box (except a Windows computer).

- You get the robotic power head (part with the moving arms) which includes the power adapter and USB cable attached (or control box in the V2).

- You get the adjustable stand with a long and short arm, as well as a ball joint type adapter so you can join the long and short arm together to make an extended arm.

- You get the locking suction cup base, that is how you attach it to things (smooth surfaces), and I am including a section of plastic board (6 X 12 inches) to use as a base, however, it’s just to get you started, you may want to attach it to something else smooth, or a permanent hardware install (using screws & some extra clamps/mounts/hardware - available online). The instructions describe how to set it up for sitting or laying down.

- Also included is the quickshot (sealed package, which has a sample lube packet inside the box).

- I am including a bunch of extra silicon bands used to attach the sextoy to the robot arms, as these can wear out after 10-20 hours of use, and can be replaced in 30 seconds with no tools. This is the only part that needs to be replaced once in a while if needed, just like any machine, there are consumable parts, in this case it's a silicon band, these are very cheap and available everywhere.

- (ONLY V1) Last thing you get is a DVD disk with a couple of programs used to control the robot, and save your custom routines. One program is free from the manufacturer of the micro USB controller I use in building the robot, the other program is a custom application made just for this robot. The software is also available for direct download from a shared online folder as well

- (ONLY V1) I include a bunch of routines and stroking patterns I have created to get you started right away. You may never make your own and just use the ones I created - they are really good. The scripts are also available for direct download from a shared online folder.

- (ONLY V2) robots will ship with the 4 pre-set buttons already programmed so you can try it right away without having to practice making your own patterns.

Privacy Policy: I will not give your information to anyone, ever. I may email my customers with new software updates and/or tips and suggestions from time to time, but it will only EVER be me emailing you directly. I value my customers, and will never share your info with anyone.


Ontario, Canada




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